An artist, licensed art therapist, and Biosynthesis therapist.
I’m an artist. I have been communicating via my sculptures all my life. I’ve been making object that allowed me – among other things – to cope with various situations my life brought about. They also expressed my feelings, wishes and desires. They were my way of communicating with the world around me. Clay calmed me down, balanced me and put me in touch with myself. It was clay that helped me survive my ups and downs. It has always fulfilled me. I decided to help others thanks to my own experience.

My own therapeutic work is based on Biosynthesis and creative-artistic therapies. I combine art therapy with Biosynthesis. This gave birth to therapeutic cards, AHACARDS, a so-called kind, creative way of naturally connecting the client with themselves via images. My client’s needs are at the center of my therapeutic approach. Together and in a safe environment we will set out on a journey to find your inner strength which is necessary to make changes in your life. This AHA moment is always worth it! I offer individual therapy and counselling; I work with children, young people and adults.
The author
What and who I like… or a free flow of my thoughts
My life was substantially influenced by the work and personality of Adriena Šimotová – she creates the way she feels and lives just like that. She is a wonderful woman. A long time ago I helped her hang a painting in a gallery (Malá výstavní síň) in Liberec and also got her signature. It is incredible that she remembers me ever since! I like her book Hlava k listování, which I read repeatedly in the dark times… and also Stopy, a book of interviews with her done by Karel Karla Hvížďala. I actually like other women of that period – Eva Kmentová and Věra Janoušková. I love their authenticity, purity and honesty! And not to leave out men – I have to mention Vladimír Janoušek and his kinetic objects and Václav Boštík and his simplicity of forms and colours. Among foreign artists my favourites are: Ava Hesse, Magdalena Abakanowicz and my love, Andy Goldsworthy, whom I discovered a long time during my stay on Tasmania.

As for glass… in molten glass, Libenský and Brychtová are unrivalled in the world, there is no question about that. My favourite foreign artist is Frank van dem Ham, who uses mainly the technique of glass fusing. His work is inspired by The Alchemist, a book by Paulo Coelho and his travels to Indonesia and Africa.

I like reading fairy tales. I love The Fairy Tales by Hermann Hesse, Balada o Bobíkovi (Ballad about Bobík) by Petr Chudožilov and also his beautiful book of short stories called Na velrybě (On the Whale). I bought it in Levné knihy (a discount bookstore) for 10 CZK; I had to buy all the copies they had and hand them out. It is a gem! I like the book of short stories called Čáp nejni kondor (A Stork Is Not a Condor) by the musician Radůza and I love her music too. By the way, I was inspired by her music too… I created a series of paintings that were exhibited in Jihočeská Gallery in Bechyně together with my fireclay objects. Another of my favourite books is an autobiography called Nebe nemá dno (Interpretation of a Novel) by Hana Androniková. Well… there are many many more… for example, books and objects by Květa Pacovská.

I love salads of all kinds, mainly with goat cheese, dried tomatoes… and all kinds of cheeses… yummy. I like movies by Woody Allen, Alice Nellis… and, again, there is so much that I like. I love my house and studio with a wild garden… even though I know they would deserve a substantial financial boost… they are my shelter and my refuge!
• 2016- present Self-development group PBSP ( Y.Lucká-L.Kobrle)
2019 Biosynthesis for work with children (Tati Neves - M.Hofman))
2019 Jeu de Peindre – Painting as play ( Martina Weisgerber) )
• 2016-2018 Basic psychoterapeutic training – supplementary theoretical course for therapists (ČIB)
• 2008 – 2017 Self-experience philosophical training Principy života (Principles of Life) (I completed 12/14 modules, scheduled completion 2018)
• 2013 – 2017 Training in Biosynthesis in Czech Institute For Biosynthesis and The International Institute for Biosynthesis (IIBS) (Switzerland)
• 1993 – 1997 The Academy of Performing Arts (AMU) in Prague, Theatre Faculty, Department of Alternative Puppet Theatre, Stage Design in Alternative and Puppet Theatre (field) (prof. Pavel Kalfus)
• 1981 – 1986 Technical University in Liberec (TUL), Department of Glass Producing Machines and Robotics
• 2013–2015 Art therapist in Youth Custody Center in Liberec
• 2013–2016 Art teacher in Klášterní nursery school, Liberec
• 2012–2013 Senior lecturer at North Carolina State University Prague Institute, Faculty of Kiln Glass
• 2000–2003 Senior lecturer at Technical University in Liberec (TUL), Faculty of Education
• 1993–1996 Senior lecturer at Technical University in Liberec (TUL), Department of Design
Internships and study visits abroad
• 2013 Česká škola bez hranic (Czech School without Borders), cooperation with Meander publishing house, Chicago
• 2009–2010 Asia’s Fashion Jewellery Fair, Hong Kong (China)
• 2009 Feria del Libro, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
• 2009 Feria del Libro, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
• 2008 cooperation with Meander publishing house, Czech Cultural Center in Paris
• 1997 Terrapin Puppet Theatre, Tasmania (Australia)
Solo exhibitions (a selection)
• 2016 Galerie U Prstenu, Praha
• 2014 Moje krajiny a Dušíci (My landscapes and ghosts), photos and pastels, Lidové Sady Liberec
• 2013 Křehké vztahy (Fragile relationships), Valašský atelier u Hofmanů, Soláň
• 2012 Iva Ouhrabková, Galerie Jan Svatoš, Kostelec nad Černými lesy; Cestou tvořivé svobody (On the Path of Creative Freedom), Alšova jihočeská galerie, Muzeum keramiky,
Bechyně; Cesta k šperku (Journey to Jewel) , butik Originální móda, Prague
• 2006 Sochy a kresby (Sculptures and Drawings), Galerie Malá Skála
• 2005 Směřování (Aiming), Městské muzeum, Semily
• 2004 Směřování (Aiming), Oblastní galerie, Liberec; Objekty (Objects), Galerie XXL, Litoměřice
• 2003 Black and White, Galerie Gambit, Prague
• 1999 Vnitřní prostor (Inner Space), Severočeské muzeum, Liberec
• 1998 Doteky (Touching), Malá výstavní síň, Liberec; Hledání (Searching), Kostel Panny Marie Sněžné, Andělská Hora, Chrastava
• 1996 Prach jsi a v prach se obrátíš (Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust), Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Prague; Galerie Hůlka, Liberec
• 1995 Radování (Joy), Galerie Gong, Pardubice
• 1993 Dotýkání dovoleno (Touching Allowed), Severočeské muzeum, Liberec
• 1990 Galerie Dílo, Ústí nad Labem
• 2011 – Mezníky v krajině (Landmarks), Kohoutov (CR)
• 2008 – Keramiksymposium Gmunden (Austria)
• 2006 – International Ceramics Symposium, Kalinovo (Slovakia)
• 2003 – Open air International Sculpture Symposium, Vintířov (CR)
• 2002 – XIV. International Ceramics Symposium, Panevežys (Litva)
• 2002 – 7th Sculpture Symposium, Kadaň (CR)
• 2001 – Painting Symposium, Złoty Stok (Poland)
• 2001 – 37. International symposium, Bolesławiec (Poland)
• 2000 – 6th Sculpture Symposium, Kadaň (CR)
• 1997 – 3rd Sculpture Symposium, Kadaň (CR)
• Agentura českého keramického desingu, Český Krumlov (CR)
• Civic Art Gallery, Panevežys (Lithuania)
• Die Ecke Galerie, Augsburg (Germany)
• Keramikmuseum, Gmunden (Austria)
• Keramikmuseum Westerwald Höhr-Grenzhausen (Germany)
• The Mino Washi Museum, Mino (Japan)
• Musée nationale de Céramique, Sévres, Paříž (France)
• Museum Narodowe, Wroclaw (Poland)
• Museum Okregowe, Bolesławiec (Poland)
• Novohradské muzeum a galéria, Lučenec (Slovakia)
• Muzeum keramiky Bechyně, Alšova jihočeská galerie, Hluboká n. Vltavou (CR)
• New Mexico Musem of Art, Santa Fe (Mexico)
• Novohradské muzeum a galéria, Lučenec (Slovakia)
• Panhellenic Association of Ceramists and Potters, Amaroussion, Athens (Greece)
• Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum, Praha (CR)
Architecture (selected works)
• 2013 Terrace of Allianz Insurance company in Prague, Dialog v pohybu (Dialog in Motion) scultpture
• 2014 Čtrnáct svatých pomocníků (Fourteen Saint Helpers), monastery in Kadaň
• 2010–2011 Realization of the exhibion space for Preciosa company at HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
• 2011 EYOF 2011, Youth Winter Olympic Games in Liberci
• 2001 Kaple Vzkříšení, Vratislavice nad Nisou
• 2005 Children‘s Ward of Liberec Hospital
• 2003 Maternity Ward of Liberec Hospital
• 1998 School and Youth Home in Liberec
• 1994 Entrance hall of The Botanical Garden in Liberec