Art therapy
Art therapy
“We are made to be able to be happy in an imperfect world.” Albert Pesso
Words are sometimes a very inaccurate means to express what we need to express. We sometimes get lost in our words and thought processes. Art therapy allows us to tell exactly where our clients are at, without risking their getting lost or lying to themselves subconsciously.

That is the reason why I like art therapy. It helps us look into our problems, worries and insecurities in a different way, keeping a certain distance. We can view our stereotypes in a new, creative way and possibly change them. The change of attitude to an issue or difficult situation in our lives can lead to new, vital impulses which make us grow.

In art therapy, we have all this literally in our hands.

I would like to say that in art therapy there is no need to have any previous experience with art. All you need is to be open to whatever may come and to allow your own creativity to take the lead and you just play along.

Making art enables us to feel and experience. Ideas, memories, emotions and bodily sensations emerge during the creative process. And we invite them into our game. We review, reflect on, develop, and integrate the whole process together with our clients. All of this allows us to take the therapeutic process further. The client can choose art materials and techniques or we can consider the best option for the given topic together.

I use the AHACARDS set in my art therapeutic work ( The cards combine art therapy and Biosynthesis ( I employ various imaginative techniques and I love to work with my clients’ dreams.
“One gram of contact is more valuable than a tonne of knowledge.”
Biosynthesis is a branch of somatic, that is body-oriented, psychotherapy. All our mental problems and worries are reflected in our physical bodies. However, we are often not sensitive enough to them and so our bodies fall ill.

Biosynthesis in therapy leads us to the understanding of the connection between our illness and psyche, emphasizing the unique and individual character of every person. The needs of the client and respect to their individual differences and unique inner resources are always in the center of this form of therapy.

Biosynthesis combines Western and Eastern ways of treatment.

It boosts a person’s natural growth based on the combination of their vital, emotional, physical and spiritual abilities. More at