“Our whole life should be art.” Václav Boštík
I truly love a quote by the great painter Václav Boštík. “Art is not just artwork. Our whole life should be art. The paintings or sculptures are just like footprints along the paths that we walked upon. They are the indication of our work and ourselves. They are the questions we asked or the answers that we gave ourselves.”

I can feel that my art and therapeutic work are really like footprints along the way that I’ve been walking on all my life. They are the traces of my work. They are the questions I’ve been asking and the answers that I’ve been giving myself along this way.

And I keep searching, I’m still on the way!

A monograph titled Dotýkání (Transitions) was published to accompany the eponymous solo exhibition at U prstenu Gallery (GUP) in 2016. It is a visually rich book that captures the course of my artistic life, starting with puppets, pottery, glass and photography up to my current endeavours. The book was written by Milena Klasová.

Dotýkání (Transitions), a book by Milena Klasová

Meander publishing house, 2016

You can buy the book.

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